How to Move Home with Pets

Moving house is an incredibly stressful enough experience for any individual. It is even more stressful when you are a pet parent and can quickly go from worrying about breaking your favorite dishes to seeking emergency vet services for your pooch. However, there are things that you can do to make the move easy not only on you but also your furred best friend as shown below


Get your pet ready

Don't just pack up and go. This will stress out your pooch, and as you know, unlike you, animals do not handle the stress that well. Also, it is vital to note that thanks to the close connection that you share with it, your dog or cat will notice that something is up even before the move. All the activity around them, as well as your anxiousness, will freak them out which again as noted isn't good for their health. 

Additionally, due to their playful nature, your pets can make things twice as hard for you as they may scratch on, chew or play with your moving supplies, for instance, bubble wrap or cardboard. Therefore, before the D-day, prep your pet for the move. You can do so by

 - Getting your pooch used to the pet carrier. Whether moving across town or to a new state, the safety of your dog is of the essence. Thereby, ensure you get your pooch used to the pet carrier. Get one that is big enough for your dog or cat to lie, stand or turn effortlessly. Also, ensure that it is comfy enough by adding a blanket and a pillow inside it. If your pet has never been in a carrier introduce the idea slowly.

- Ensure that your furred best friend is comfortable with car travel. This is especially important if you are a cat parent.

- As noted earlier, pets will sense something's up even before you move. Cats are especially sensitive to changes in their environment. To help them warm up to the transition contact a reputable and pet friend moving company like SUNSHINE COAST STORAGE in advance so they can bring in the moving supplies early and give time to your cat to get used to them. Also, leave one of the rooms as it usually is, so Purina can have a haven to escape to when the actual packing and moving begins.

- Set up an appointment with your vet for final checks and vaccinations. Additionally, this last visit to your vet is crucial as he/she will give you referrals of great vets in your new location.

- Check out your new location and ensure it is pet-friendly. If possible, take your pets with you, especially if it's a dog, take a walk with it so that Fido can familiarize himself with the new scents.


During the move

It is incredibly easy for your pooch to escape during moving day and the last thing you want is to start searching for your beloved furred best friend when you are about to leave or when you reach your new home. Therefore, ensure your moving company is highly pet-friendly like SUNSHINE COAST STORAGE. The skilled staff are trained to handle pet moves and will ensure your pooch doesn't escape. Also, they will allow you to sit your pet as they handle the other aspects of moving such as packing up and later unpacking and arranging. 

As a result, you get time to attend to your pet, easing its nervousness. During the move ensure you have all the necessary supplies such as harnesses and leashes, your cat's litter box, toys, treats and chew bones to help put your pooch at ease. Also contact your moving company in advance, if you'd like them to know of any particular concerns that you may have regarding Fido. If it is in the case of a long distance move, plan several stops along the way so your pet can have brief breaks. Again opt for pet friendly moving firms such as Sunshine Coast Storage as they understand you concerns and will customize your route so it includes as many stops as you need.


Settling in

 Once you are at your new home, you don’t have to worry about unpacking, as Sunshine Coast Storage will handle all that, help you arrange your home the way you want and ensure you are all cozy before they leave. Settling in shouldn’t be hard especially if you had already brought your pet over to your new location before you moved. If Purina is still anxious, you can help her settle in by making everything as familiar as it was before you moved. You can do so by bringing in the old toys and using the old blankets and pillows for a few weeks after the move so they can get used to their new home in a different environment. Stay in for the first few days, if possible one week so your pets can adjust to their new home.

How to Store Your Car

Whether you're moving to an area where you don't need your car or you no longer have space at your home to keep your car, a storage unit is an option to consider. You can also use a storage unit to keep your car secure when you're not driving it and if you don't have the proper protections at your home, such as a garage or a carport. This is an option to consider if you have an older car or one that is expensive. There are some tips to keep in mind about how to store your car in a Buderim Storage unit so that it's in the same condition when it's removed.



If you're storing an older car, then you want to remove the battery. There's no point in leaving a battery in an older vehicle that you're not going to drive all the time. An option if you don't want to remove it is to simply disconnect it until you are ready to drive the car again. You should leave the battery in a newer car because the smart computer that is inside will require some type of electrical charge in order to maintain the proper readings. A smart charger is an option if you don't want to leave the battery connected in this situation.


Get it clean

Before you take your car to Buderim Storage, clean it as thoroughly as you can. Remove all of the dirt and debris from the interior of the car. Clean the windows. Get all of the dirt from around the fenders and tires. If you leave dirt and debris on your car or inside your car, then it can cause rust to form and a strong odour to develop as well. Give your car a good wash, and make sure that it's as dry as possible so that there's no moisture left behind once it's put inside the unit. After cleaning your car, remove the wiper blades as they can sometimes adhere to the glass if they are stuck in one place for an extended time.


Off the ground

Put the car on jacks to ensure that the tires don't sit on the floor of the Buderim Storage unit. This simple action can keep flat areas from forming on the tires that can lead to flat tires when you do drive the car on the road. Tires that are in good condition won't have the vibration that tires with flat spots would have.


Seal holes

Any holes that are seen around the exterior of your vehicle should be sealed. You don't want mice or other rodents to get inside your vehicle if there are any in the unit. This is another benefit of keeping the car off the floor as it can prevent insects and rodents from getting inside. You can put moth balls in the unit to help deter rodents as well as traps in the corners of the unit. A small ball or a rolled piece of paper can be put in the exhaust pipe to keep rodents out as well.



There's really no way to remove the fuel from your car before it's stored. You can use a stabiliser or gas treatment to ensure that deposits don't form in the gas tank. Try to store the car with as little gas inside as possible instead of a full tank, especially in the event of an emergency that could spark a fire or explosion.


Final touches

The final steps for storing your car include covering it with a cloth to protect the paint and the glass. Remove any crumbs that are inside the car. Make a list of all of the details just in case there are issues that occur while your car is being stored.

How Buderim Storage Can Help Over Christmas

Sometimes, you might not want to stay at home for Christmas. Spend time with your family or with someone special at your holiday house, decorating in the same way that you would at home. If this house is larger, then it could be a place where everyone in your family gathers together to enjoy a holiday meal or open presents so that there's plenty of room for everyone to relax and enjoy the season. Don’t forget to ensure your self storage unit in Buderim has been paid for and is ready to go post-christmas, so you can save yourself the stress of having a cluttered home with festive items you won’t be needing until next year.

Having a holiday house in Buderim is the perfect location, especially during Christmas and the warmer months when you may want to escape the heat and head into the beautiful Buderim Forest Park to discover the amazing waterfalls Buderim is famous for. A few years ago Buderim was classed as one of Queensland’s top four sea-change destinations, which is why the area is so popular for holiday homes.

Don't forget to take a Christmas tree and decorations to your holiday house so that you can celebrate while you're not at home. If you don't want to decorate the entire home since you won't be there long, then get a small tree and a few things to hang on the wall. Consider keeping your decorations at a Self Storage Buderim unit so that they are readily available when you go back to your home the following year for Christmas. Locating a Self Storage facility in Buderim that is affordable and convenient can be difficult, which is why finding a facility that offers multiple facility locations generally means they will have a storage solution to suit your needs.

For many, one of the best parts of Christmas is giving and getting presents. Make sure you put your gifts in your car the night before leaving to go to your holiday home. If you plan to wrap gifts while at the house, then you need to get wrapping paper, tape, and tags so that you have everything you need to make everything beautiful before giving them to your family and friends.

If you don't spend a lot of time at your holiday house, then you probably won't have food there. Take a few snacks that you can enjoy while listening to Christmas music and decorating. You can also get all of the items that you need to prepare a festive meal for the holiday, such as a ham and all of the ingredients for side dishes. If you plan to have your family at the house, then consider asking them to bring a dish so that you don't have to cook the entire time you're on vacation. 

Favourite activities 
When you go to your holiday house for Christmas, you should have a few things that are fun to do with the family. Pack a few games to play, cookie dough and sprinkles so that you can make Christmas cookies, and hot chocolate so that you can lounge in your pyjamas while watching movies. 

Since some holiday homes don't have as much space outside for parking vehicles as your primary home might have, consider taking your recreational vehicles and equipment that you might have at the house during the year to a Self Storage Buderim unit so that there's enough room for other people to park in the driveway. You could also keep items that are only used a few times during the year at your holiday house in storage so that you can rent the home to someone else when you're not using the property.

Celebrating Christmas at your holiday house in Buderim is a great way to guarantee the whole family has a good time. Using a self storage facility nearby to store items like Christmas decorations, summer recreational equipment and precious china/table settings that are only used over the Christmas period means that you won’t have to think about packing everything up and bringing it from home. If you have a boat or a recreational vehicle you can also put this into a self storage unit in Buderim and even store your seasonal items inside to save money and space. Contact Mammoth Self Storage today to organise your Buderim Storage Unit this Christmas.

Make Your Home Feel More Beachy

How to make your home feel more beachy 

When you live on the Sunshine Coast, you are likely searching for ways to make your home feel a little more beachy. Besides securing a Sunshine Coast Self Storage unit with Mammoth Self Store to help you declutter, follow some of our helpful interior design tips to create the ultimate beach house.

This guide points you in the right direction and offers tips that will let you reach your goal in no time. Your home will soon have a beachy look and feel that causes your worries to melt away. Make sure you pay attention to each section if you would like to get the best results possible.



Paint your walls and redo your floors

The color of your walls and floors can impact the environment you are trying to create, so they are a good place to start. Most of your walls should be white or light blue to create the effect you have in mind.

If you do the painting yourself, make sure you take the right steps so that you won't encounter any issues along the way. Install sand-colored carpet throughout your home to take this step to a whole new level, and the outcome will impress you. Add wooden tiles to your bathroom, kitchen and dining room for the final touch.



Your bathroom

Creating a beach-themed bathroom is another step along the right path when your goal is to make your home a little more beachy. Start by looking for beach-themed decorations, such as a mirror in the shape of a ship's window or steering wheel. Placing a light blue rug near your bathtub is a nice touch that goes a long way. Some people opt for shower curtains that have pictures of the beach and ocean, and you can do the same. You can even try adding shower curtains with pictures of life under the sea. If you don’t have the heart to throw out any old decor items in your bathroom, give them a good clean and pop them into your Mammoth Storage Unit at one of our convenient sunshine coast locations.


 Your living room 

Making your living room beachy is easy and fun, and you will be thrilled when you see the outcome. Using light blue furniture is a step in the right direction. If you are getting new furniture but don't want to get rid of your old furniture, get Storage in the Sunshine Coast.

You can find units that won't break your budget, and you will have a safe place to keep your belongings. Hanging pictures of lighthouses and coastal locations takes your environment up a notch. Some stores sell sound generators that make ocean noises or play metal drums, and the impact will leave a smile on your face.

Your kitchen

You are now ready to turn your attention to your kitchen. You can find plates and bowls online that have beach and ocean themes, but that is only the beginning. Try lighting an ocean-scented candle to complete the picture and improve your results. If you still believe something is missing from your beach-themed kitchen, fill the gap by placing a bowl of tropical fruit on the table.

You can remove items that harm your beach theme and place them in a Sunshine Coast Storage unit. Doing so also unclutters your kitchen and gives you much more space to prepare meals and spend time with the ones who matter the most. You will complete the project with pride as long as you keep your vision in mind from start to finish.