Self Storage For Businesses On The Sunshine Coast

If you own a business in the Sunshine Coast area, you know that space is valuable and limited. When business owners acquire more tangibles, they often think about expanding. However, the cost of leasing or buying a larger commercial building can be too much for many companies. Paid storage is a useful solution. These are some Sunshine Coast Storage ideas for business owners.

Long Term Document Storage

If your business is required to keep records and you haven’t organised an electronic system, consider using a sunshine coast self storage facility to help you store these files. A storage unit on the Sunshine Coast is the best option for storing these documents as they need to be kept in a clean and dry location, away from light and humidity in order to preserve them. It’s a good idea to purchase some document boxes from our box shop and label them accordingly. It’s a good idea to use a big black permanent marker rather than labels, as the sticky bottom can wear away over the years.

 Store heavy or bulky equipment

You can store items such as tools, ladders and even small vehicles in Sunshine Coast Storage. This is a clever solution for home business owners too. For example, someone who runs a landscaping business from home can use a storage unit to keep gas cans, a lawn mower and other tools. Also, small businesses with limited space can avoid the expense of expansion if they keep bulky items that aren't used every day in storage.


Store extra inventory

If you run a home business or a small storefront that offers merchandise, you may get frustrated that you run out of certain items quickly or that you don't have space for a wider variety of options. You can use a storage unit to keep clothing, shoes or other merchandise. Several businesses sell more items during the holiday season, and having a larger inventory is a good way to stay ahead of competitors without facing the cost of purchasing a larger storefront.


Store props or extra furniture

Some businesses have tables, chairs or other furniture pieces that are used only as needed. For example, funeral homes often have extra chairs or decorations. Wedding rental owners, real estate agents and DJs are a few more examples of business owners who can benefit from Sunshine Coast Storage. With a wider range of props or decorations, these business owners can appeal to other markets or offer more choices to a specific target market. Also, storage can provide new opportunities. For example, a wedding rental company that has more space may decide to purchase supplies for baby shower parties, stag parties, bridal parties and birthday parties as well.


Set up a second office

A small business with a crowded office can use Sunshine Coast Storage for a second office. If the company sells merchandise, the second office can be a place for someone to complete tasks that require a quieter environment. Since storage is useful for extra inventory, the unit can be a dual benefit to the business if it also sells merchandise rather than a service. However, a service-based business owner can also enjoy dual benefits. For example, the individual may choose to operate out of a storage unit if he or she wants to set up an office away from home that also has space for work-related equipment. One good example is a construction business. A contractor can store files and work orders in a file cabinet, and he can keep tools and lumber in the unit.