Five Reasons to Use a Self-Storage Facility to Keep Your Valuables Safe

Sometimes you just need a little extra room. We all tend to collect things over time. Some objects are rare and valuable. Other objects have sentimental value, and you just can’t bear to part with them. Whatever your reason for holding on to items, a self-storage is a great option to keep them safe.

High Security Storage

At Mammoth Self Storage Sunshine Coast, we specialise in maintaining the safety of our clients’ possessions. Your unit will be kept under lock and key. You can even choose a unit with a security alarm. The whole facility is fenced and gated. In addition, we have carefully placed security cameras taking footage 24-hours a day and a resident manager who keeps the location under a watchful eye. Your special items will be safe with us.

Climate Control

Changes in temperature and humidity can do damage to sensitive items over time, especially wood, fabrics and paper. A climate-controlled unit at Mammoth Self Storage Sunshine Coast will help preserve your items through the years. Whether you are storing important documents or wooden furniture, you can trust that they will be in good condition every time you come to the unit.

Ideal for Temporary Moves

You can pay for your Mammoth Self Storage Sunshine Coast unit from month to month. This makes it a perfect location to store your valuables during a temporary absence. Rather than keeping things sitting in your empty home, put them in a locked storage unit where they will stay safe until you are ready to receive them, whether that is in a couple of months or a couple of years. Billing can be done online, so it is easy to pay even if you are out of the country.

Easy Access

Your possessions are safe at Mammoth Self Storage Sunshine Coast, and, when you need them, they are easy to retrieve. Enter through the access-controlled gate. Unlock the door with your key. Then you can take whatever items you need and store those you don’t. For even greater ease, choose a unit with drive-up access. We want your items to be safe, but we also want access to be simple for our customers.

Minimize Clutter

The final reason to use a storage unit is the most common reason. You can store extra items safely at Mammoth Self Storage Sunshine Coast and remove clutter from your home. You will have peace of mind knowing your extra items are secure. You will have the peace that comes with a calm and organised living space.