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Make Your Home Feel More Beachy

How to make your home feel more beachy 

When you live on the Sunshine Coast, you are likely searching for ways to make your home feel a little more beachy. Besides securing a Sunshine Coast Self Storage unit with Mammoth Self Store to help you declutter, follow some of our helpful interior design tips to create the ultimate beach house.

This guide points you in the right direction and offers tips that will let you reach your goal in no time. Your home will soon have a beachy look and feel that causes your worries to melt away. Make sure you pay attention to each section if you would like to get the best results possible.



Paint your walls and redo your floors

The color of your walls and floors can impact the environment you are trying to create, so they are a good place to start. Most of your walls should be white or light blue to create the effect you have in mind.

If you do the painting yourself, make sure you take the right steps so that you won't encounter any issues along the way. Install sand-colored carpet throughout your home to take this step to a whole new level, and the outcome will impress you. Add wooden tiles to your bathroom, kitchen and dining room for the final touch.



Your bathroom

Creating a beach-themed bathroom is another step along the right path when your goal is to make your home a little more beachy. Start by looking for beach-themed decorations, such as a mirror in the shape of a ship's window or steering wheel. Placing a light blue rug near your bathtub is a nice touch that goes a long way. Some people opt for shower curtains that have pictures of the beach and ocean, and you can do the same. You can even try adding shower curtains with pictures of life under the sea. If you don’t have the heart to throw out any old decor items in your bathroom, give them a good clean and pop them into your Mammoth Storage Unit at one of our convenient sunshine coast locations.


 Your living room 

Making your living room beachy is easy and fun, and you will be thrilled when you see the outcome. Using light blue furniture is a step in the right direction. If you are getting new furniture but don't want to get rid of your old furniture, get Storage in the Sunshine Coast.

You can find units that won't break your budget, and you will have a safe place to keep your belongings. Hanging pictures of lighthouses and coastal locations takes your environment up a notch. Some stores sell sound generators that make ocean noises or play metal drums, and the impact will leave a smile on your face.

Your kitchen

You are now ready to turn your attention to your kitchen. You can find plates and bowls online that have beach and ocean themes, but that is only the beginning. Try lighting an ocean-scented candle to complete the picture and improve your results. If you still believe something is missing from your beach-themed kitchen, fill the gap by placing a bowl of tropical fruit on the table.

You can remove items that harm your beach theme and place them in a Sunshine Coast Storage unit. Doing so also unclutters your kitchen and gives you much more space to prepare meals and spend time with the ones who matter the most. You will complete the project with pride as long as you keep your vision in mind from start to finish.