Coolest New Caravan Accessories for 2019

  1. Mobile Hotspots

Australia is a massive country and particularly when you are travelling through outback Australia there can be hours or days when you are travelling without phone reception. In 2019 everyone likes the option of staying connected, even if you are wanting to take some time away from social media, a mobile hotspot is a must-have for any outback caravan adventure in terms of safety as well.

You can find one of these hotspots with a simple Google search, but do your research and go with someone who you know is affordable and can provide reliable coverage. We can recommend Zone RV who is based in Coolum Beach and offers a range of cool accessories for your caravan.

2. Portable coffee maker

Although you may have gotten used to or begun to appreciate the simplicity of boiling the kettle for a delicious, warm instant coffee in the morning, in 2019 there is no reason why you shouldn’t afford yourself a little bit more luxury.

There are a range of portable coffee makers on the market, perfect for any caravaning adventure. These cool little flasks are handheld and work without any N20 capsules, meaning they are more portable and can give you a delicious fresh coffee for months at a time. You can buy these little beauties on Amazon or at your usual camping stores, like Tent World. If you’re still not sold, check out this review:

3. Instant Gas Hot Water System

Long gone are the days of relying on a solar panel or boiling water to take a shower in your caravan. In 2019 instant hot water systems are the way to go, especially if you are travelling in the winter months.

Traditionally caravan hot water systems have used gas and electricity or a combination of both, however, there is a new system on the market that only uses gas to instantly heat the water in your caravan. This is obviously particularly handy when you are embarking on a free camping adventure in the outback or beyond.

The system works only when the water is on, heating the water as it passes through, so the other additional benefit to purchasing one of these systems is that it will save up to 60% more gas than traditional systems. If you are looking to pick one of these up from one of the local caravan stores on the Sunshine Coast, Caravan & RV works stocks a range of Camcec Hot Water systems as well as a range of other imported caravan accessories.