Complimentary Move-in Vehicles

At Mammoth Self Storage we understand the stress involved with moving. That’s why we offer complimentary vehicle options* to help with your move. These include:

  • Mammoth Self Storage caged trailers
  • Mammoth Self Storage Van: When dealing with smaller moves a small van is a comfortable and safe transfer option. Our van is typically used those wishing to fill our smaller units.
  • Mammoth Self Storage Truck: We offer a 13 cubic meter trail with a hydraulic lift to help move you things. Complete with moving blankets, trolley and ropes’, moving in and out of your storage space is easy with our trucks.

*Terms & conditions apply.

Mammoth Self Store - Trailer Hire

Complimentary Trailer Hire

Mammoth Self Store - Complimentary Storage Van

Complimentary Storage Van

Mammoth Self Store - Complimentary Moving Truck

Complimentary Moving Truck