How much storage do I need?

Whether you're packing up the family home and hitting the road for twelve months or simply archiving the business’s documents, Mammoth Storage Store can help. Working out how much storage you need is usually the first question that comes to mind, so let’s work through some common scenarios that might help you calculate your storage needs. Alternatively, just give our team a call and they’ll help you through the process.

The family home is often the biggest move we make, particularly when it requires storing your contents for a period of time. Generally speaking, a four bedroom homes’ contents will fit into a 7x3m storage unit. This includes items such as furniture, boxed contents, mattresses and more. Remember if have any unique or obscure items please let the team know. 

Storing your toys such as motorcycles, cars, boats, jet skis and caravans couldn’t be easier at Mammoth. You’ll need to calculate the floor area your prize and joy takes up. So, for example, a jet ski on a trailer might be two meters wide and 4 meters long, therefore, you’ll need a 6x3m unit to allow for access to the jet ski. Always go for a little extra space as you’ll find it handy for storing accessories too your toys.

Document storage is probably the easiest to work out. Decide on which document storage boxes to use and how high you’ll stack them (remember lower is safer and easier if you need to pull one out). You can then use the dimensions of the boxes and the number of rows you’ll have to determine the size of the storage unit you need. A small business might only need a 1.5x1.5m unit whereas a large accounting firm might need a 6x3m.

With endless items that need storage in all kinds of shapes and sizes, it’s often best to take the time to measure how much space you’ll need before booking your space. Our team are always happy to assist if you need. And remember we can supply you with all your moving and storage needs such as boxes, wrapping and tape.